Constructing our Beliefs

March 4, 2016

My mom tells a story from when she and my dad were building their first home. The home was in one of those sprawling neighborhoods that could likely have it’s own zip code. Every section, a different builder was responsible for crafting the home of the buyer’s dreams. Several years later, it became increasingly evident that one specific builder took numerous shortcuts. As houses in that particular section began to settle, the foundations cracked and the structures became unstable.  Families were forced to abandon the homes of their dreams because they were deemed unsafe.

Without caution, our own worldviews (beliefs we hold which inform our thoughts, feelings and actions) can be like those unsteady, broken homes. We build them up with faulty materials, taking shortcuts and not investing much time into the careful studying of God’s word. This leaves us with disjointed, inconsistent and unbiblical worldviews. Our belief systems may give the appearance of being stable, but waves of pain and disappointment can cause them to crack, threatening the integrity of all we hold to be true.

Browse today’s popular “Christian” authors and it won’t take you long to see that a common theme in American Christianity: God loves you and wants you to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. And while God certainly does love His people, the Bible paints a much different portrait of what He desires for us.

We long for personal happiness in this present life; God wants us to long for His happiness in light of eternity.

We want to get our needs met by created things; God wants us to see that our needs can only be met by Him.

We desire for God to serve us; God serves His own glory.

As often happens, what we think God wants for us and what He actually wants for us are two totally different things. But the Bible allows us to make sense of what God’s doing in the midst of our suffering. It’s true we won’t always understand His ways, but we will be able to take comfort in knowing His promises, His character and His overarching purposes.

When we set the Bible as the ultimate standard for which we view everything, it becomes the filter for our thoughts and emotions, straining out the impurities. And let’s be honest, we ladies need a lot of emotional filtering.

And so I encourage you to let your worldview be shaped by what God has said about Himself instead of what you currently think or feel about Him. When you do this, you’ll find that your foundation is solid and unmovable, able to withstand whatever trials come your way.

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