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DSC_0045Welcome to my blog!

I’m Lindsay.

If I’m being honest, writing an “about me” section feels awkward, as if I’m putting my best, but perhaps not real self, forward. In reality, my life is sort of a mess. I have come to understand that life isn’t always as black and white as the Internet makes it out to be. The difficult situations that life often delivers can’t be neatly defined by clichés or one-liners.

Eight years ago, I met my husband Nik while attending Montreat College. We married soon after graduation and settled in Charlotte, NC while Nik earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary.

In 2012, our lives changed drastically when our first child, Pierce was born 4 months early. He weighed just over 1 lb. We were thrown into the chaos that is raising a medically complex child and that has forever changed us. You can read more about his story here.

In my (almost) three decades on this planet, I’ve held differing roles from Mommy to Pastor’s Wife to Chair of a Non-Profit.

I have a heart that beats for the weak and weary, those who are poor in Spirit, of which I often times am one. I realize that many women who stumble upon this blog will be suffering through something that is difficult or hard; something you likely don’t share with anyone. If that’s you, then I hope you stay and find hope.


One of my biggest passions is to assist women as they grow in their understanding of their own worldview so that they realize how it shapes and colors everything they think or do. I desire to teach them what it means to view the world through the camera lens of the Bible by pointing to the rich, robust truths found in Scripture.

In my own life, I’ve seen the transformative power of the Gospel and hope that my writings will always point you to the only One who can empower change and healing: Jesus Christ.

And so I invite you to come along with me on this journey. It is my hope that together we can have humble, grace-filled conversations about tough issues, growing together in community.

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